A summer rain storm didn’t leave a speck of our clothing dry as I stood with Ed and Amy in the middle of Little Mill Creek Park. Ed had a brand new ring secured in his pocket and Amy, Jenny’s sister, had spots of paint on her from preparing the pergola that would provide a backdrop for Ed and Jenny’s engagement party – the party that would soon celebrate Jenny’s “YES” after Ed asks the question that would change their lives forever. The party that so many of their loved ones were excited for, whereas Jenny still had no idea what was in store for her when she returned from her trip! Those events stood on the sidelines, waiting for their turn, while we stood in soaking wet clothes and big smiles right where Ed planned to ask the love of his life to marry him.

I won’t forget the buzz that Ed, Amy, and I felt as we talked out the logistics of the proposal. Ed had put so much thought into how he wanted to ask Jenny to marry him and I was so moved by how personal he wanted it to be. I had not met Jenny yet, but I knew she was in for one of the best moments of her life. Of course, when we were planning the proposal just a few days before Ed would pop the question, the weather was less than ideal. We headed back to our cars, our feet making squishing sounds on the pavement, when Ed shared a glimpse of the ring he had carefully picked out. While the weight of the ring was light in his pocket, I knew it had the emotional weight of mountains. I could hardly wait for this life-changing moment for Ed and Jenny!

Fast-forward a few days, and I set up a picnic for one. I grabbed a book (that I wouldn’t read a single word of that day) and a pillow that had one purpose: hide my camera gear. I was incognito at Little Mill Creek Park and a casual stranger to Jenny as she walked past arm in arm with Ed to their favorite picnic spot. A gentle summer breeze rolled through the park on that beautiful Friday. It was hard to believe that just a few days ago, puddles had covered the sidewalk where the warm summer sun now formed dappled golden spots as it sunk lower in the sky. While I had my nose in the book, I kept my eyes on Ed and Jenny as they enjoyed what she thought would be just another casual date watching the clouds. While I was more than confident in my skills to document this once-in-a-lifetime moment, the anticipation had me jittery with excitement! Like I mentioned before, I didn’t read a word of the book I brought as I waited for Ed to pull Jenny’s attention away from the clouds. For several long moments, I anxiously divided my attention between watching the couple and checking my gear. Finally, Ed and Jenny sat up. It was time! My camera fired away as Jenny’s soulmate asked if she’d spend forever with him.

What I loved about this moment was that the words that were said were only for Jenny and Ed. When I am close enough to hear a private proposal or vows, I have made it a habit to tune out the words and save them just for the couple. This time I didn’t need to; I was far enough away that I had only a distant view, like in the movies where all goes silent as two lovers share a moment. It was cinematic. Of course, eventually, Ed waved over, and I got to do the fun part of introducing myself to Jenny! It’s not every day I do this, so I had to laugh as I said something along the lines of “Hi Jenny, I’m Jenny! Ed hired me to document your proposal!” and point to the place where I was camped out across the park. I can’t imagine, as Jenny was processing the emotions of getting engaged, also discovering there was a photographer! I made sure to give Jenny a moment before we took engagement photos. I can’t tell you how much Jenny and Ed were GLOWING! My camera captured it all, so scroll down and I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

Ed + Jenny –

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to be a part of this special moment for you two. Ed, I’m sure you could tell how giddy I was over the phone as you shared your plans with me to propose to your now fiancée! That giddiness will always return when I think back on this day. Thank you so much for having me to help plan your proposal and document it. Jenny, you are such gem. Knowing your sister Amy, I was so excited to meet you! You were so kind to me as I approached you as a stranger, suddenly chatting with you and posing you as you had just been proposed to minutes earlier. Both of you are absolutely meant for each other. As we parted ways and you headed to your surprise engagement party, I took a moment to appreciate what a blessing it was to take these photos for you. I enjoyed getting to know the both of you and I am so thrilled for your future ahead.  It’s only the beginning! Congratulations on your engagement! Soak it all in! Here’s to Ed and Jenny forever!

With so much love,



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