Imagine the mailbox creaks open as you lean in to find the typical advertisements and bills that often flock to your mailbox. Coupons. Credit Card Applications. Gas bill. More Coupons. Wait, there’s more! Flipping through the paper goods you find a letter with your name on it and a return address that matches an amazing friend of yours. Among the not-so-exciting typical mail, a wedding invitation appears in your hands like a breath of fresh air. You can barely make it back inside your home before ripping open the envelope to get all the details.

To all of the couples currently planning a wedding, I have no doubt what I described above will be similar to the experience your wedding guests will have when they get invited to your wedding day! Not only does your wedding invitation get your guests excited and share important information, it also sets the tone for your wedding day. I remember when Chance and I were planning our wedding, I really struggled to find a design I liked for my invitations. I ended up creating a hodgepodge of different designs. I ended up loving our invitations, but I feel like creating my invitations would have been so much easier (and fun) had I known about Basic Invite.

Basic Invite is a website where you can pick from SO many beautiful designs (seriously, it’s like a kid in the cereal aisle when picking a design) and customize aspects of the invitations to make it match your vision. Not only does Basic Invite have options for formal invitations, it also has designs for a save the date for a wedding and wedding menus! I learned about Basic Invite when I connected with Sierra over email. Sierra offered an opportunity to try out a few different designs and see for myself the high quality paper goods used for the design. Let me tell you, I was impressed. If I were to mail these invitations out, I wouldn’t be worried about wear and damage after they go through the delivery process. I would know that whoever received the invites would get the same experience I did when they came in the mail! Of course, I have to show you the designs I picked – hopefully I inspire you as you design your own wedding invitations!



If you didn’t know, I recently added a personalized crest to my branding. I love the elegance and timeless feel a crest gives. The crest is a reminder that so many aspects of the day will become heirlooms to be passed down to later generations. While all of the invitations I show you today are customized to fit any wedding color palette or venue, I believe the icy periwinkle I selected for this invite is perfect for a winter wedding at an estate or ballroom. I think this style of wedding invitation is perfect for a couple that values family and traditions, and want their wedding day to be a classy affair.


Click here to find the Scrolling Monogram design!


You don’t need to cram every little detail into a wedding invite. I love the simple design this style offers. The two separate initials are a great reminder that guests are getting invited to a celebration of two complete people coming together, not two halves coming together. I selected the blue color to give an early summer feeling, where the water is finally starting to feel warm enough to dip toes in. I think this wedding invitation would be perfect for a wedding located near a lake or other body of water!

Click here to find the Asymmetrical Initials design!


Speaking of some beautiful script – that’s how this style caught my eye! Pairing the gorgeous script with the gold, leafy crest is such a good choice. I truly think this design deserves it’s time to shine with a couple who enjoys nature and a wedding that will be formal, but also have a down-to-earth vibe too. I believe this is a style of invitation that will truly stand the test of time and be enjoyed for generations. I designed this invitation for an early fall wedding, where the leaves are still on the trees but are beginning to have a golden color, just like on the invitation!

Click here to find the Gold Crest design! 


Now this style I have never seen before. I don’t know who thought to make an invitation clear, but I am so into the design. I can imagine pulling this invitation and laying it with fabrics of your wedding day, like a bridesmaids dress or ribbon, to make this invitation pop for your wedding day. I selected black as a safe color of paper to go underneath the clear invitation, to make sure the invitation is readable. Oh, I love how modern this invite is! I imagine this invitation inviting guests to a botanical wedding, with sleek and simple details.

Click here to find the Modern Calligraphy Clear design!


I think this invitation impressed me the most of all! Who needs envelopes when your invite itself can act as an envelope! The mod seal and send invitation includes a perforated RSVP card. I thought it was so cool to see everything as one piece! The mailing envelope, the invite, the RSVP card…it’s all there! It’s also one of the many designs where you can include a photo (I love an opportunity to use your engagement photos)! The invites all come addressed and ready for you to stamp and mail! I think this type of wedding invitation could really go with any style of wedding and your engagement photo can help add to the vibe you want your guests to get when they receive the invitation!

Click here to find the Mod and Seal Design!

I genuinely love all three of these wedding invitations and hope you saw at least one or two that caught your eye! Don’t forget to check out Basic Invite, they’ll take care of you and make sure you are happy with your order. Seriously, I was impressed by the follow up I received from Basic Invite after I got my invitation samples. I could tell customer service is a top priority with Basic Invite!

Thank you, Basic Invite, for your sponsorship and collaboration. I appreciate the opportunity to try out and share your high-quality, beautiful invitations!


If you enjoyed any of these designs and want to learn more, head over to Basic Invite! Invitations from Basic Invite will set the tone for your wedding day and impress your guests! I am so excited for what you create with Basic Invite as you prepare to invite your favorite people to your gorgeous wedding day!


Happy wedding planning!

– Jenny

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