Brace yourself. This organizer right here? TOTAL GAME CHANGER. I’m talking less stress, less frustration, and less time spent grinding over a list, which means more time to spend enjoying your engagement with your sweet spouse-to-be.

Guests lists are hard. Should second-cousin-twice-removed Jack be invited when he hasn’t spoken to you in years? Does Aunt Helen get an invite, even though she’s probably going to spend the whole night emptying bottles at the bar? What about the nice coworker five desks away at work? Does she even know your fiancée’s name? Talk about a serious pain in the rear- writing the guest list alone is enough to cause a 1am mental break down that ends with slamming the laptop shut and running to the nearest place that sells chocolate or ice cream. Just me?

Here’s the guest list organizer to rise above all guest list organizers. With the wonderful (and patient) help of my husband, Chance, I’m so pumped to share this resource with you. Seriously, it will change your wedding planning life.

From check boxes for tracking invites and RSVPS, to guest counts, to multiple tabs for each party (wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, etc), to a countdown so you can get totally excited for your day (and update your Instagram followers how many days are left until “I Do”!), this spreadsheet has what you need and then some. I’m telling you, there’s so many tools right at your finger tips. Check out this video I made just for people who download this resource to make guest list making easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy.


STEP 1: Click button linked below
STEP 2: Go to “File” and click “Make a Copy” for your own instant organizer!
STEP 3: Watch the video embedded above or linked here to learn how to use the organizer.
STEP 4: Make guests lists to your heart’s content!

Thanks for downloading!

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