You have your engagement photos, now what? They may not be as big of a deal as wedding photos are, but don’t let that take away from what you can do with your fancy new photos of you and your spouse-to-be. Check out the following ideas to take your photos out of the gallery and put them out in the world!

1. Share, share, SHARE!

The world wants to see your new engagement photos! Share them on social media like Instagram or Facebook, but don’t stop there! Share them with your friends and family. You never know who would enjoy a print of your photos – grandparents are the perfect example. Don’t forget to give your photographer some love when you share and give them a shout out.

2. Include on Save the Dates

I love when a couple has their engagement photos on their save the dates. You know those paper goods are going straight out of the envelope and on the fridge. What’s a better reminder about your wedding day than your own face? It’s also a great way to show your guests the vibe or aesthetic your wedding will have.

3. Create an Album for your Wedding Events

When I was planning my wedding, I printed out all of my engagement photos and put them in an album. It was a second thought when I decided to bring them to my bridal shower, but I’m so glad I did! While my guests at my bridal shower were having small talk around the tables, they were able to flip through my engagement photos and get excited for the wedding to come.

4. Create personalized thank you cards.

You will have a LOT of people to thank. From a bridal shower, bachelorette party, DIY party (because who wants to make centerpieces by themselves?), or the big day itself, you will want to express how grateful you are for your favorite people in your life. Putting your engagement photos on the front or inside of the thank you card adds a personal touch and will be more special to keep.

5. Use for wedding decor

There are SO many routes you can go from here. I had picture frames on every guest table with our engagement photos in them and had our photos hanging over a fireplace. Guests loved the personal touch! You can also create custom favors for guests, personalized coasters, photos on wedding programs, and gifts for family. I highly recommend including photos of you and your love in your wedding decor to help your guests feel like the vibe is YOUR vibe, not just a wedding vibe.

When in down, Pinterest it out. I know people can get so creative with their photos! Have you had your engagement photos taken yet? Look here for some inspiration! If you’re in need of a photographer in the Lawrence or Kansas City area, I’d love to talk!

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