Let me preface this blog post by saying that I have known Sam and Drew for quite a few years. Emporia State brought us all together and not only were Sam and I sorority sisters, but we were roommates (please tell me you read that in the same voice from the Vine)! I am so blessed to have Sam as a sorority sister and friend! Drew is also pretty awesome too and it was always a good time hanging around these two at parties.

So skip ahead to earlier this year, when Sam and I talk about taking some photos of her and Drew (of course whenever one of my friends asks me my immediate answer is YES!!!!!!!). It’s always that much more special of a photo shoot when your friends are in front of the lens! So I penciled in the first weekend in August: the perfect time to head out to Clinton Lake and take some photos.

When I received an FB message from Drew, I didn’t think too much of it. I figured maybe he was going to ask me about the session. Which, in reality, he did, but not the kind of question I was expecting. He wanted to plan his proposal for this photo shoot! I was immediately THRILLED and so ready to plan this surprise proposal for Samantha.

On the day of the session, all was casual except for the fact that there were shelters and playgrounds around Clinton Lake completely flooded in water. I had no idea we had that much rain! Towards the end of the session it was the BIG MOMENT. While Sam was expecting Drew to wrap his arms around her for a cute photo, he did something else…

I’ll let the rest of these photos speak for themselves. Thank you so much, Sam and Drew, for letting me be a part of such a big moment for you two! You two will have the most BEAUTIFUL wedding and I am so happy for you! Did I mention Sam’s using my wedding guest list planner? She casually mentioned it and it totally filled my heart. I just love serving people, okay? It fills my cup.

If you’re thinking of doing a surprise proposal, consider documenting it! There’s so many ways to do it and you’ll be so grateful you did! Here’s some more of my favorite photos from the session!

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