I am always willing to go the extra miles to take photos at a location that makes couples happy, which is how I found myself in Burlington, Kansas on the beautiful property of Kierstin and Dylan’s to take their engagment photos. What place is more comfortable to take photos at than your own home? I felt like the Postmates of photography – delivering an engagement session to the front door. Bonus – they showed me around and took me to the church they’re getting married at and where the reception will be! I love how they live so close to where they’ll tie the knot.

Engagement sessions at home need to be more of a thing. It helps if you have an lovely home that looks over miles and miles of gorgeous fields, trees, and ponds. Oh Kansas, how I love you. During the session I couldn’t help but feel at home myself, but that’s the small hometown girl in me.

I met Kierstin when we joined the same sorority at Emporia State University. I remember, so here’s a quick story (I wonder if she remembers this!). After we joined, there was an event at the sorority house and all the new members were hanging out in the living room. I joined as a sophomore and most of the new members were freshmen. The freshmen new members seemed to all bond quickly because they all lived together in the dorms while I lived off campus. I was awkwardly standing by myself while waiting for the event to start when Kierstin and Amanda (who is her maid of honor now!) calling my name. When I walked over, I was introduced immediately and exchanged phone numbers. I will never forget how inviting Kierstin and Amanda were. You can imagine how thrilled I was when, years later, Kierstin asked if I could photograph her wedding!

Back to these two. They’ve known each other for as long as they can remember, which is so adorable. Dylan proposed during a trip to Branson and their friends hired a photographer to document it (take notes, friends). Since then, they’ve hired people they know and love to come together as vendors for their wedding, which is so special! I look forward to seeing the whole wedding day come together!

I am so thankful to be a part of their wedding day. I know the small town charm and love from family and friends will make the first day of the rest of their marriage one that everyone will remember. While counting down the days, check out these two sweethearts below!