Claire’s step-mom and my mom grew up and went to school together, so you know I was excited when she reached out about Claire’s senior photos! I also realized I coached Claire’s younger sister last summer. Small world! We started in Wells Overlook Park, a gorgeous location and I actually had never heard of. So I drove the 12 minutes (seriously, it’s so close, how had I never been there before?) to the spot and met up with Claire with her step-mom and another sister of hers. It was so fun!

Claire’s step-mom and sister did a great job of making Claire laugh, which created amazing photos! When I first got to Wells Overlook Park, I immediately noticed the giant tower to view the area. If you’re in the Lawrence area and want to take in the beauty of the Midwest, CLIMB THAT TOWER.

As you can tell, Kansas got dressed up for this photo shoot too.

Claire and I have a lot in common – we both played in the marching band, volleyball, and we were both nervous going into college-level Calculus. Don’t worry Claire, you’ll rock it! I loved hearing about her involvement at Eudora High School – she’ll definitely have a busy senior year. Oh, and we also love video games, so we may have geeked out a little.

Claire wanted some photos with the pretty lights on Mass Street and I was so ready to make that happen. Mass Street in Lawrence is one of the coolest places ever, especially in the evenings. We used the lights to be a little creative during the second half of the shoot!

Claire told me about her plans to attend Pittsburg State University and major in Mechanical Engineering. What? That’s so cool! She’s an absolute rockstar. Seriously, I could never do that. I wish Claire the best with her future endeavors! Whatever life gives you, knock it out of the park, girl! The countdown to graduation is on!

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