I want you to picture an elementary classroom circa 2003, okay? We had just learned about palm pilots and how they are total game changers of the technology world (in hindsight, it was a little waste of time, but fun nonetheless). Not one student had a cellphone and let’s face it, if the teacher did, it probably had the ability to call, text using T9, and play Snake. That’s it. During that time, I met my best friend. I couldn’t tell you if it was at the tether ball court or waiting in line at the drinking fountain, but I met a girl named Jessie and as cliche as it sounds, we were instant best friends. Flash forward to today, we’re still super close. We’re those best friends that sometimes make you feel like a third wheel when you’re in the same room because of how many inside jokes we have and the weird crap we do (should I mention the grocery cart photoshoot? Or the “music videos” we created?). As much as I could talk about our friendship, this blog post isn’t about that. It’s about another famous duo: Jessie and Josh.

Jessie and Josh started dating at the same time Chance and I started dating (weird best friend life connection?) and they hit it off right away. How? Well, they weren’t exactly strangers! In fact, Jessie and Josh dated once in middle school (WHAT!) and reconnected a little over half a decade later! I’m telling you, that’s the adorable love story you see in the movies. Proof that middle school isn’t as horrible as it seems. Six years later, Josh proposes to Jessie at Lake Olathe, a special place for the two. As Jessie’s best friend, there’s one thing that’s more important to me than anything – to see my best friend happy! I can’t tell you how happy she was when she told me she got engaged! My heart is so full and I am so happy for both of them!

Of course we promised since like day one that we would be each other’s maid of honor. It really is an HONOR to be a part of their day and be Jessie’s right hand chick. Unfortunately, I can’t be Jessie and Josh’s wedding photographer at the same time. It’s not the WORST thing to happen but at times I wished I could split myself in two. I know they have a super talented photographer that’s going to document their day perfectly. I was over-the-moon excited when Jessie and Josh asked me to take their engagement photos! Like I’d ever say no to THAT. We met in downtown Olathe (which is totally underrated by the way) and wandered around the area for photos.

Like I said, Josh proposed to Jessie at Lake Olathe. Little did both of them know truly how special Lake Olathe would be. We took a short drive from downtown to Lake Olathe, back to where their engagement started. Not only is Lake Olathe where they got engaged and took their engagement photos, but they are also getting married there! Venues at 061 (who also own the place I got married, talk about another best friend life connection) is opening a gorgeous venue right on the lake called Eagle’s Landing! I can hardly wait to celebrate!

Check out these other photos from the shoot! Here’s to the next set of professional photos of these two including a wedding dress!