Let me paint a picture for you. August is a very, very, VERY hot month for Kansas. So naturally, I was prepared to be chugging water and wiping sweat off my face all day. You can imagine my surprise when I pull up my weather app for August 24th and see the PERFECT weather – mid 70’s with some clouds most of the day. YES PLEASE! Pepper and Jim’s ceremony and reception was all outside at Shawnee Mission Park and God was like “I got this.” Could we have asked for better summer weather for this outdoor wedding?

We started at a first look location I scouted out earlier. Shawnee Mission Park is perfect with tucked away areas and lots of gorgeous scenery! Jim was there first looking great! I could tell Pepper and Jim thought of so many small details and seeing them all come together was perfect!

Once Jessie (assistant and bestest friend) and I got Jim ready to look away before the first look, the beautiful bride arrived! The hair, makeup, jewelry, dress…all the details added Pepper’s look, who is already so gorgeous to begin with! Can you tell Jim was excited to see his bride?

One of the most beautiful things about Pepper and Jim’s wedding day was that it was also a big day for their two girls, Odelia and Morgan. The two were SO excited to officially be step-sisters and my heart filled up so much that I thought it might explode. Seriously, all four of them make such a precious family! It’s a sweet reminder that weddings are a much bigger deal than just two people getting married.

The girls were even gifted matching sunflower earrings and necklaces from the bride and groom! It was such an adorable moment to witness. You guys, personalized wedding gifts will ALWAYS be special.

After the first look, Jessie and I headed to the venue to set up for the ceremony! We had a blast photographing the blue and sunflower details – seriously, have I mentioned I love wedding day details? There was so much work and thought put into every single piece. Everything was personalized.

Once the ceremony started, the two girls walked down the aisle and then Pepper’s nieces tossed their petals down the aisle as the flower girls…well, one of the girls tossed her petals, the other was picking them up behind her! It was so cute and funny. Then it was Pepper’s time to shine – Jim watched his bride walk down the aisle and the two had a beautiful ceremony. My favorite part was the sand ceremony that included the girls. The meaning behind a sand ceremony is deep and special. Also, what a cool keepsake!

Afterwards was party time – Pepper and Jim know how to party! BBQ, unique drinks, bundt cake, smores, and a fun dance floor…what more could you ask for? As always, I got emotional during the first dance. I can’t help it. They had so many things to do throughout the night, all the guests had so much fun! I kept hearing guests say how amazing the day was.

I wanted to capture more than photos for their reception, so I made a short video of the fun that transpired after the ceremony. Check it out below!

I wish nothing but the best for these two newlyweds. It’s crazy how you meet amazing couples, get to know them and take their engagement photos, and then suddenly they’re married! Congratulations to the Harpers! Here’s some photo overload for you to enjoy from this day. Scroll down for more!

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